Careers at 11T Services

11T team members are the foundation of our entire operation. Our people — and the knowledge, experience, and passion they bring to the table — are what drive our success and maximize our investment outcomes. For this reason, we’ve worked hard to create a welcoming environment that encourages advancement, promotes learning, and offers benefits that keep us competitive.

Current Job Postings

You’ll have access to:

Competitive benefits / compensation package for full-time employees
Flexible work options
Vacation / paid leave program
Medical / sick days
8 1/2 paid holidays
Employee-focused growth
Relaxed dress code
Fast-paced, high energy work environment

The 11T Services Culture of Excellence

We are proud to foster a Culture of Excellence that sets us apart and brings our team together. When you join 11T Services, you’ll experience a Culture of…


We show respect for one another, for others’ points of view, and respect for others’ time and efforts. We respect one another’s unique gifts and outwardly display appreciation for the value our team members bring to the table.


We are a team where individualistic agendas are secondary to the overarching good of the company. We are one team with one mission.

Warrior Heart

We overcome barriers and support our team like family. We fight for what is right and approach business problems from a place of heart, help, and humility — not judgment.


We are a place where talent and competency meet opportunity. We support an internal mission of promoting from inside.


We grant our employees the authority and ownership to achieve results in their work, while living the core values of the company. Empowerment is the center of responsibility, accountability, and execution.

Grace and Learning

We extend grace to one another as we navigate an ever-changing world. Knowing that we are all impacted differently, we use the opportunities that are presented to offer grace, care, education, and assistance. We enable one another to learn from mistakes, we use things that do not work well to drive the things that do, and when we error, we use it to learn, to educate, and to grow.


Our promise is that we fill our walls with high-performing and ambitious individuals who bring their best every day, not for the betterment of the company but out of obligation to one another.

Transparency in Coverage Rule

Health insurers are required to publicly display certain health care price information via Machine Readable Files (MRFs) on employer websites. These MRF’s will include negotiated rates with in-network providers, allowed amounts for out-of-network providers and may include prescription drug pricing.

UnitedHealthcare is committed to supporting the new Transparency in Coverage Rule by making Machine-Readable Files (MRFs) available for UnitedHealthcare customers effective July 1, 2022. Employers are responsible to ensure the MRFs are publicly accessible internally and externally.  To meet this requirement, MRFs will be posted monthly on This location is accessible to all and no authentication is required. Beginning July 1 and monthly thereafter, the MRFs will appear on this site.  

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