Our Services

Each one of our services is designed around the success of the real estate related asset we serve — and backed by our team’s unmatched, in-depth experience in each unique service area.

Aquisition Services

At 11T Services, we take a data-driven approach to the acquisition of assets. By drawing on strong data sets and utilizing our intelligence partners to provide actionable data leads, we are able to make the most critical decisions on any investment — consistently and confidently. In a world where hundreds of data elements can be considered to judge the performance and risk associated with a particular asset, the 11T team takes pride in understanding how to use each element to guide our clients in their investing process. The risks around real estate asset investing are largely unique to each market and asset type. 11T Services focuses on this niche decision making that is market specific to set us apart.

Asset Management

When it comes to Asset Management, we are always focused on finding an approach that analyzes all available options in order to maximize the investment outcome of each real estate asset we service. The types of real estate assets we actively manage for our investor clients include:

  • Single Family
  • Multi-Family
  • Vacant Land
  • Commercial
  • Agriculture

Lien & Loan Services

We consider Lien & Loan Services to be any lien, tax certificate or loan secured by real estate in any jurisdiction. We’re focused on a robust risk management strategy, managing a client’s portfolio of lien or loan assets to stay in line with their investment objective. Services include:

  • Ongoing Asset Monitoring
  • Underwriting & Investment Evaluation
  • Lien & Loan Enforcement
  • Redemption & Repayment Management

Asset Services

Our Asset Service offerings enhance the ability to maximize the investment outcome of each asset. We fully understand that accurate and timely attention to these assets can impact the success of each investment. Many of the services that our team provides result in actionable data that allows our clients to make informed decisions on their specialty assets. These services include:

  • Inspection Management
  • Preservation Services
  • Vendor Management
  • Title Review and Risk Analysis
  • Ancillary Risk Analysis

Specialty Consulting

Through our Specialty Consulting services, we partner with investment teams to develop the best ongoing investment plan. This can sometimes require thinking outside the typical lines and developing new data that can impact the performance of investments. These unique challenges are where our team thrives.

Where our services meet your objectives.

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